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If you are interested in expanding your business or invest in Iran Market, or vice versa; This is for you:

We are an international Holding helping foreign companies and invertors to develop products and services and enter Iran markets; We also act as an outsourcing company for Iranian companies that are sourcing products or services from overseas, or like to expand in global context
Backed by our regional knowledge and experience, and following lifting of sanctions, we can act as your strategic advisor and exclusive representative in Rich Market of Iran, and facilitate offering and distributing your services and products in vast scales. Our services include-but not limit to:

  • Making Sales Offices in regional context- Iran
  • Launching production lines in regional context - Iran
  • Marketing your products and services in regional context - Iran
  • Facilitating your investment in Iran
  • We welcome your suggestions and ideas for cooperation as well.....
We will support you in Regional Negotiations, business registration, strategic advisory, regional laws and regulations, Market Research, Marketing, Distribution, etc. and provide you unique opportunities for offering your quality services and products in this rich and growing market, and vice versa;

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