‘Our offer is simple and compelling – we can improve customer satisfaction and increase your revenue.’

At NOOOA, we guide our clients and business owners through different growth stages. The consulting team analyzes different growth and market entry strategies, compares to best practices and helps companies achieve sustainable growth and profitability.
We will help you understand who your customers really are so you can unlock the long-term value and growth potential of your business. By understanding what your customers want, like and how they really behave, you can sell more of what they do want and avoid wasting money on providing what they don’t.
‘Our offer is simple and compelling – we can improve customer satisfaction and increase your revenue.’

We provides custom business consulting, mergers and acquisitions advisory services and turnaround expertise to CEOs, Presidents and small to mid-size business owners to meet your specific needs and grow your business to the next level. By specializing in small to mid-size businesses, we focus on the growth, opportunities and challenges that you and your business encounter every day.
Our business development advisory services are both affordable and effective to meet your specific needs. Whether you are growing your business organically, through acquisitions, or you are evaluating an exit by selling your company, we are your trusted advisor to lead you through the process.
‘We are here to help: You don't have to face difficult challenges and tough business decisions alone.’
The choices you make as a business leader today could have implications on your company and your industry for years to come.
To win in a dynamic business environment is not an easy task. Enterprises are looking for solutions to solve key challenges, which include:
  • Simplifying operations: Address complexities and their implications to drive operational excellence
  • Designing new business models: Adopt innovation across offerings, processes, delivery, finance technologies, and business systems to be on the cutting edge and create more value for customers
  • Operating with agility and efficiency: Make quick and informed decisions and understand cost-value implications across the value chain and ensure rapid execution

NOOOA has several business consultants who help clients bridge the gap between their business and international markets, seize new business opportunities, and generate value from their capacities, co-creation of client solutions, and leadership strategies to create business value for our clients.
We are constantly creating dynamic and innovative ways to market and promote our clients brand. By having exclusive contracts with our clients, we are able to find the solutions that they need to achieve success.
NOOOA Holding Group Ltd (H. A. NOVIN PARSIAN) enhances brand image and reputation for our clients through face-to-face sales presentations with integrity and professionalism.
We’re redefining how companies market products and services to the customer base, all while building a great company and cultivating superb talent.
‘We maintain top customer satisfaction recognition by treating clients as if they are our own.’

  • Operations performance management
  • Developing business and growth strategies
  • Creating and executing strategies for global advantage
  • Creating collaborative and productive organizations
  • Building world-class capabilities in areas such as marketing, pricing, and supply chain management
  • Better understanding of customers, suppliers, and competitors in changing markets
  • Assessing the relationship between business and society
  • Brand Development
  • Advertising & Marketing Campaigns
  • Commemorative / Anniversary Publications
  • Corporate Logos & Identities
  • Event Management
  • Print Design & Production
  • Media & Public Relations Campaigns

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