‘At NOOOA, we are driven to find innovative and relevant ways to provide tailored, uncompromised advice. We are distinct in our unwavering dedication and passion to advise clients on value creation opportunities’

NOOOA has access to various funds under management and provides equity, fixed income, loan and alternative funding to corporate and individual clients in different parts of the world. Funding is provided by way of various regional/national funds and by investment partnerships which NOOOA establishes and facilitates. NOOOA also serves the investment demands of family offices, private and institutional investors and public sector organisations spanning the world.
NOOOA has established a strong leadership position over the years. Our success and reputation for service quality is widely recognized in the investment management community. Our goal is to inspire investor confidence by attracting solid returns at the lowest risk rate possible through the responsible and strategic management of assets and capitals.
NOOOA Wealth Managers, supported by teams of specialists and industry experts, work closely with clients to develop long standing partnerships, assisting our clients to build, assess and adjust their wealth. NOOOA experience is not just one of unique service, but is comprehensive in its commitment to providing exceptional advice to clients.
NOOOA's asset management experts can add significant value to the portfolio and help enhance the overall portfolio returns —whether are holding or preparing for sale. Ranging from asset positioning to cohesive due diligence and detailed reporting, NOOOA's tailored asset management services ensure transparency, clarity and efficiency from acquisition through disposition. Features of NOOOA's end-to-end asset management solution include:

  • Single point of contact
  • Strategic planning and positioning of assets
  • Transparent real-time online asset management dashboard
  • Reliable professional valuations
  • Cost savings and higher returns
  • Sourcing opportunities
  • Taking interim management roles
  • Monitoring the performance of investments
  • Assisting in the planning and implementation of operational improvement initiatives

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