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Market Research & Feasibility Studies:

NOOOA develops data resource tools in accordance with international standards to provide investors with access to valuable knowledge on the industry, sector and companies concerned, and help create awareness among foreign investors on investment opportunities available.
Our research hubs are located in Middle East and Asia with research analysts providing research reports on equity, sector updates, market updates, economic updates and other forms of research support.
At NOOOA, we believe that good marketing research consists of much more than just conducting interviews with interested individuals. Expertise, experience and a commitment to delivering actionable information are some of the key aspects that distinguish a good market research approach.
We can assist you with your research needs through all or a particular stage or stages of the research process. Whether it be a small component of your fieldwork or a large tracking study requiring in depth analysis and automated reporting, our dedicated and experienced Market Research team can ensure your research requirements are delivered accurately and on time.
‘Conceptual and Feasibility studies provide our clients with information to make informed decisions about scale, scope and viability of their business and projects.’
NOOOA research team produces economic analysis of different and inclusive regions and sectoral analysis on the real estate, banking, private equity, insurance, Islamic finance, telecommunications, cement, pharmaceuticals, logistics and oil and gas industries. The team also produces fundamental and technical equity research on over hundreds of companies in Middle East and Asia.
We identify market opportunities and customer target groups in the home market and abroad to realize cost advantages and sales opportunities for our clients. Market research tools often include stakeholder analysis, surveys, benchmarking and SWOT analysis. We help the client identify licensing partners, testing facilities, sourcing partners or distributors.
NOOOA Holding Group Ltd approaches every feasibility study from an owner’s perspective – and that means you can gain confidence from the first day. Our feasibility studies ensure adjustability in whole of your project between facility planning, business model and budget and also utilizing capitals efficiently in order to meet all of your business objectives.
  • Competitive Product Intelligence
  • New Product Development Closed Account Research
  • Competitive Performance
  • Regulatory Compliance Testing
  • Assessing Design and Methodology efficiency
  • Assessment Studies
  • Brand, Media & Advertising Research
  • Capital and operating cost estimates
  • Physicals and costs schedules
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research

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