‘NOOOA is a truly global business facilitator with a long-term experience and a special focus on Iran and Middle East market.’

H.A. NOVIN PARSIAN (NOOOA Holding) is an opportunistic, premier and creative international holding with a vast range of operations and departments.We are experts in a wide range of services and we bring in specialists from across our whole firm to ensure you get the right team. Our specific expertise is in:

  • Market Research, Feasibility Studies & Risk Management
  • Financial, Investment & Capital Advisory and Management
  • Advertising, Marketing & Business Advisory Education & Training
  • Human Resources Management & Advisory
  • Legal & Relocation Management and Advisory
  • Trading Advisory & Commodity sourcing
NOOOA utilizes an inclusive and at the same time focused approach to its various and diversified activities in global context. We are experts in a wide range of services and we bring in specialists from across our whole firm to ensure you get the right team and our aim is to provide a one-stop shop for our clients` needs, demands and requirements.
The current website is one of our holding websites dedicated for introducing our offerings, efforts and prospects with emphasize on Business Advisory and Market Research-related services.
‘At H.A. NOVIN PARSIAN, we care about empowering business owners, sustainable development and making a difference. Sometimes we are a coach and trainer helping a business get better and sometimes we are a matchmaker finding the right partner, investor or distributor. We help companies grow, improve and master change.’
NOOOA plays an important role in promoting investment opportunities in the Middle East and Asia regions to investors through expert financial engineering. It provides investors with a diverse scope of regional and international investment opportunities and facilitates those investments by providing clients with whole range of supporting and legal services that target their individual and corporate needs and exceed their expectations.
NOOOA extensive resources and connections make our firm unique, inclusive and flexible, and our highly educated and experienced management team benefit from more than 20 years of active experience in assisting small, middle-market and giant corporations and individual clients and managing their different financial, business and strategic needs.
On the clients side, NOOOA focuses on opportunities that offer minimal risks, strict compliance, a team approach with investment and operations partners and the use of efficient, creative and customized solutions. On the talent and operations side, NOOOA focuses on growing business, recruiting and retaining supreme thinkers, planners and executives, able to manage risks and ensure the highest standards of NOOOA Holding global and long-term visions.

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‘NOOOA: Bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and businessmen and IRAN business opportunities.’

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